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How to terminate cPanel accounts using WHM or SSH

When a customer leaves your service or if you have an account you no longer use then you’re going to want to remove that account from the server to free up resources. There are a number of ways to achieve this either by using the WHM interface or by using ssh. Usually, resellers won’t have the option to terminate cPanel accounts using ssh and only the WHM interface is available.

Terminate cPanel accounts using WHM (Web Host Manager) 

To terminate an account using WHM log in to your cPanel VPS Server and in the search box type the word “terminate” then click “terminate an account”. Search for the domain name or cPanel account user name you want to terminate and click “terminate” at the bottom of the page. The server will then remove the account from the server, all files for that account will be lost and you can’t undo this action.

Terminate cPanel accounts using ssh

You can use the killacct script to remove an account using SSH. This also has the advantage of adding some additional options when removing accounts. Issue the below command when logged in as root. You can add arguments to this as below. –user represents the cPanel username to terminate

/scripts/killacct --user

Example: /scripts/killacct first2host


When you run the /scripts/killacct script you can specify the following additional arguments. Just add the argument to the end of the command, /scripts/killacct first2host –force

--force // Force remove the account
--killdns // Remove DNS Files

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