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How to manually run cPanel backups. Force cPanel Backups

Sometimes you may wish to back up a single account or your whole cPanel server using SSH. In cPanel you can backup a single account or multiple accounts at the same time. However, if you have a backup job configured you will need to force the cPanel backups to run. We’re going to go through taking a backup of a single cPanel account and then forcing cPanel backups server-wide. To complete this you will need to be logged in as the root user. On cPanel NVMe VPS Servers you can┬árun cPanel backups manually using SSH.

Backup Single cPanel Account

You can use the /scripts/pkgacct script to take a backup of a cPanel account.

/scripts/pkgacct cpanel_user

Force cPanel Backups

The –force argument will force cPanel to run any backup jobs configured in WHM.

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/backup --force 

Watch Backups in Real Time

If you want to watch the backup run from the console you can use tail. You should see a link to the backup log file in the console now. Use the tail -f command with the file name in the console to watch the backup in real time.

tail -f bacvkup93472374854.txt

Backup A Single cPanel Account

We have covered how to back up a cPanel account and migrate it to a new host in the How to Migrate cPanel accounts article.

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