How To Reset Ubuntu/Debian Root Password

If you lose your root password then you will also lose access to your server. To get access back you will need to reset the root password on your Ubuntu/Debian instance. Resetting the root password is straightforward and is achieved by using the NoVNC console from the client area. Ensure you are logged in and at the Discovery control panel for your Ubuntu server.

NoVNC Console

Click the NoVNC icon then reboot your instance by using the gear icon to the left. Once your server reboots and you see the page where you select an OS press the down arrow key. This will stop automatic boot. Next press the up arrow key to select “Ubuntu”. Hit the “e” key to edit the boot options.

reset ubuntu/debian root password

On the next page locate the line linux /boot/vmlinuz and then the section ro quiet splash $vt_handoff. Its usually right after your hard drive location and always starts “ro” Replace the section with the following code;

rw init=/bin/bash

Hit CNTL + x to boot the server with the modifications.

Reset Ubuntu/Debian Root Password

You are now at the console. Let’s reset the root password for your NVMe VPS. So, issue the passwd command and create a new password


Once a new root password has been set you can reboot your instance by selecting the gear icon in the console and then reset. On boot use the new root password you set in the steps above. Should you continue to have problems please contact the support team from your client area.

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