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cPanel Log Files And Where To Find Them

cPanel has a vast amount of log files which can be reviewed when errors happen. Whether you’re seeing an Internal Server Error or a blank page. The cPanel log files will contain all of the information needed to diagnose and fix most issues. Here we are going to point out the cPanel log files mostly used like the cPanel Apache Log File and the panel Error Log File. Plus. we will show you how to find information in these files. If you need log files related to email like send and receive information and Exim then you can check our Exim Log Files post which details all the information related to Exim.

cPanel Apache Log File

Firstly, Apache will log any information related to your HTTP service, you can search the file for specific information using the grep command below. Replace [USERNAME] with the cPanel user having issues to bring back a full list of log incidents for that user.

grep [USERNAME] /var/log/apache2/error_log

Access Log

The cPanel Access Log will keep a record of login and logout actions by cPanel users and WHM users. The file writes a new entry on each line in the format [IP] [DATE&TIME] [ACTION]. The cPanel Access log file can be found at;


cPanel Error Log

Although the cPanel Error Log contains errors related to cPanel. If a user removed a MySQL database. This will be written to the cPanel Error Log. So other errors related to cPanel and WHM will be found in this file located at


cPanel Backup Log Files

cPanel will write any information related to backups to the cpbackup directory. The cpbackup log will only record information about backups. The directory will contain a list of recent backup jobs in the format 1519178402.log, 151987402.log. Each file is a separate backup process. The files are located at


These are a few of the most common logs for cPanel and WHM. You can find a full list of log files in the cPanel documentation. Find out how to Search Linux log files.

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