Mass start VPS Servers on OpenVZ, KVM or XEN

SolusVM is great for managing virtual servers and you can Mass start your VPS Servers on node reboot. Compatible with OpenVZ, KVM and XEN virtualization this software is great for managing VPS nodes. Generally, you have a master and slave setup. The master host node controls the control panel. Clients login here to manage their VPS servers. Then you have a Slave node which houses the virtual servers. The slave nodes can have different virtualization, for example, one could run KVM, the other OpenVZ and then The third XEN. The most popular virtualizations are OpenVZ and KVM.

Starting All Servers

If you were to update the server Kernel this would require a reboot of the whole node which would mean outages for any VPS servers placed on the nodes being rebooted. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this but you should only need to reboot your servers once a year a most to complete updates. Not every update you do on your slave node will require a reboot.

SolusVM has a great feature to allow mass starting of VPS servers once a dedicated server has been rebooted. this saves you having to reboot each server but can place a huge strain on the host node as it works to boot all of the servers for you. If you have oversubscribed your slave nodes, don’t try mass starting servers you will likely have to reboot the slave again.

Start All VPS Servers on OpenVZ Slaves

CFGS=`vzlist -S -Ho ctid`;for cfg in $CFGS;do vzctl start $cfg;done

Mass Stop VPS Servers on OpenVZ Slaves

CFGS=`vzlist -S -Ho ctid`;for cfg in $CFGS;do vzctl stop $cfg;done

Mass start VPS servers on a KVM Slave

CFGS=/home/kvm/kvm*/;for cfg in $CFGS;do virsh create $cfg*.xml;done

Start All VPS Servers ON XEN Slave

CFGS=/home/xen/vm*/;for cfg in $CFGS;do xm create $cfg*.cfg;done

Stop All VPS Servers on XEN Slave

xm shutdown -aw

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