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IPv4 Subnet Cheat Sheet. The IPV4 Subnet Cheat Sheet

Different subnets have different IP allocations and netmasks. Use our IPv4 subnet cheat sheet to see what allocation our subnets have. Customers can purchase additional IPv4 in subnets of /30, /29, /28, /27, 26. The gateway is always your dedicated server IP ending in .254. For virtual servers, the gateway is different for each host node on our network. You can check your client area services for the correct IP information. If you order additional IPs with dedicated servers these will need to be configured inside your dedicated servers networking files.

IPv4 Subnet Cheat Sheet

Using the table below you can see the netmask, number of hosts and addresses for each IPv4 subnet.

IPv4 AddressesHostsNetmaskAmount of C Class

Configure Additional IPs

If you have an F2HCloud or First2Host VPS Server you must configure your additional IPs inside your VPS Server for them to resolve. See the guides below on how to complete this.

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