How To Install Imunify360 cPanel & DirectAdmin Servers

By installing Imunify360 in Linux Servers is a fantastic tool to have in your server toolkit. It’s a trusted application from a trusted name. Developed by the makers of CloudLinux and KernelCare Imunify360 is a powerful virus and malware scanner. It’s much better than Maldet at detecting problems and comes with a nice graphical interface.

In the free version of Imunify360, you cannot clean infections automatically. But the software does give you the location of the problem file which allows you to easily remove the infection. The software also allows you to view the file from the Imunify360 control panel. Imunify360 will periodically scan your server for problems automatically.

Install Imunify360 Linux, cPanel, DirectAdmin

To install Imunify360 in DirectAdmin and cPanel is just a few commands. The software works with other control panels like ISP Manager. But, you can also use it on systems without any control panel. So, to install imunify360 in Linux enter the command below as the root user or a user with root privileges.


Install Imunify360 Plesk

To install Imunify360 on a Plesk system go to the extension page or Security → ImunifyAV in your Plesk system.

By viewing infections from the control panel you can see the problem easily. Here’s an example of a wp-config.php file that has been modified. The code at the top should not be in this file. Imunify360 picked up on this. Without Imunify this infection would have gone unnoticed. It’s likely happened because the user is using insecure plugins, nulled software, or not updating their website regularly.

Install Imunify360 DirectAdmin

Having the software on hand is a great way to know when a site has a problem. This enables easy resolution of issues and often allows you to catch problems in Linux Servers before they happen. Keep an eye on the control panel to keep your server secure and free of malware.

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