WordPress High Availability Server

There has been a lot of interest in our articles discussing WordPress and High Availability. We’ve covered how to use WordPress and HyperDB to provide a rudimentary type of high availability but that relies on the master being online. It’s not a true highly available solution. In that configuration, if the master is ever offline it cannot route traffic to any of the slaves. That’s a pretty bad single point of failure. So what can we do to resolve that? Instead of usual Cloud Hosting, we can create a WordPress High Availability Server specifically tuned for WordPress.

WordPress High Availability Server

We’ve been testing a new product based on LXC virtualization for WordPress. Our test case is The server that powers this website has no control panel, no dedicated kernel and is utilizing Free LiteSpeed Caching. The server is based on container technology which means it is lightweight and lean. There is no bulky software like cPanel slowing down the server which improves the browsing experience for end users. It’s cheaper because there are no software licenses.

Three-Stage High Availability

This server is protected with our unique 3-stage mitigation plan. The actual server is modular. That means it can bounce around our network and use different hosts and data centres until it finds one that is working. The three stages of our high-availability servers are;

  • Stage One: Move to a different host in the same data centre.
  • Stage Two: Move to a different data centre in the same country.
  • Stage Three: Move to a different data centre in a different country.

WordPress Tuning & Speed

Having a lightweight and correctly configured WordPress server is only part of the battle. To achieve real speed increases you need to make use of services like Cloudflare and LiteSpeed. WordPress Caching plugins are great but for real results, LiteSpeed and the LiteSpeed WordPress plugin is the best option. We configure LiteSpeed Caching and install the LiteSpeed Plugin for all WordPress Server orders.

WordPress Server Costs

Some might think that this type of setup would be expensive. It’s not. For around the price of a usual Web Hosting account, you can get an entire server with expandable resources giving you the freedom to grow your WordPress website. For 10GB of NAS NVMe Space, 1 vCore and 4GB RAM the cost for this setup is £8.00 /month with a £25 setup fee to configure the server and migrate your existing WordPress website to the server. Daily backups can be added for £1 extra per month. Order this package or contact us for a custom quote.

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