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cPanel Retry time not reached for any host

cPanel Retry time not reached for any host. You receive this error if your cPanel Server is unable to connect to a remote server. This could be because the remote server is offline or your server has been offline. If Exim cannot make a connection to the remote server. The retry time will be reached and the server won’t try to deliver the message until the retry time has expired.

If this happens often then that suggests you have a possible DNS issue. This should be investigated as soon as possible. If you have a cPanel VPS from First2Host we can look at this error and make any fixes required. Just submit a ticket from your client area. The Exim log file should be able to offer some clues to this issue.

cPanel Retry time not reached for any host

For a quick fix. You can remove the lock file and recreate it, this will then allow the server to try to deliver the message again. As the root user login using an SSH console and issue the below commands one by one.

cd /var/spool/exim/db
rm -f retry retry.lockfile
rm -f wait-remote_smtp wait-remote_smtp.lockfile
service exim restart

Read our useful Exim cheat sheet for common Exim commands you can use on your server.

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