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cPanel unlimited quotas on a Virtuozzo VPS Servers

cPanel on OpenVZ Virtuozzo servers needs second-level quotas enabled for users to set a quota limit. If second-level quotas are not enabled, then users will see an unlimited quotas cPanel and will able to use an unlimited amount of space. But to fix this you need access to the host node the server is running on. You cannot fix unlimited quotas if you only have root access to the cPanel VPS Server. You should contact your virtual server provider for them to fix this for you. First, stop the container, replace CTID with the ID of the container

Fix Unlimited Quotas in cPanel/WHM

 vzctl stop CTID

Enable Second Level Quotas

Next, enable second-level quotas on Virtuozzo, but don’t worry about the value here, vzquota will calculate the correct quota limit based on the space assigned to the virtual machine. Replace VMID with the ID of the container

vzctl set CTID --quotaugidlimit 500 --save

Next, start the virtual server again, replacing CTID with the container ID

vzctl start VMID

Once the container is mounted enter the container and issue the cPanel fix scripts command. The server will generate the quotas and when you now look at accounts the unlimited quotas will have now have quotas enabled.

vzctl etner 412


There are various security concerns when using cPanel on OpenVZ / Virtuozzo. cPanel should never be run on this virtualization platform. F2H.Cloud can assist with virtual clusters that mitigate the known risks.

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